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In 2016, IIERinfo-icon operated with a Budget of € 746,518 (US$ 788'810). Fundraising and administration cost amounted to 17.8% of total spending.

The Institute for International Economic Research is funded from private doanations, from private and public grants and - to a small extent - from revenue.where we provide our knowledge to interested third parties. IIERinfo-icon does not accept any funding directed at certain outcomes or for taking certain positions, we are also politically neutral. All our research results, except where inputs are protected by licenses or intellectual property rights, are entered into the public domain..

In 2016, IIER's overall budget was € 746'518 (US$ 788'810). of which 76.8% came from private donations, 16.8% from public and private grants and 6.5% from advisory service revenue. Of our expenses, 5.1% were related to fundraising, and 12.7% to administration. With that, 82.2% of our revenue directly went to project work. The detailed 2016 financial report will be available here shortly.


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