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About IIER

The Institute for Integrated Economic Research (IIERinfo-icon) is organized as a transatlantic co-operation between two legally independent non-profit organizations in the United States and the Netherlands. Our objective is to establish macreoconomic scientific models for the 21st century, and proliferate them through our outreach projects. Equally, we work on maintining societal stability during these challenging times we are living through. Please read more here.

In the United States, IIER is represented by a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation (EIN: 27-3932630), in Europe as a Dutch foundation (Stichting Integrated Economic Research,  RSIN 857251247). However, despite the separate legal entities, IIER is managed in an integrated way across the Atlantic, with researchers collaborating closely on our projects. Each of the legal entities is managed by a Board of Directors according to local law, overseeing activities.

One of the key characteristics of IIER is its strive for solid science. We want to work based on scientifically demonstrated evidence, not on hearsay, assumptions, and opinions. In order to support this effort, we are in the process of establishing our Scientific Advisory Board, consisting of academics and other senior professionals, who, through their own activities, have shown that they understand some of the key contributors to our human ecosystem.


Below, please find a list of people at IIER. We will shortly add bios for each person, so please check back soon.

  • John Blackburn (Advisory Board)
  • Carlos Freixo (Manager IT)
  • Nate Hagens (Board of Directors)
  • Jack Jacometti (Board of Directors)
  • Zoltan Kis (Research Associate)
  • Rembrandt Koppelaar (Senior Research Associate)
  • Reiner Kümmel (Advisory Board)
  • Hannes Kunz (President, Board of Directors)
  • Maya Menon (Social Media)
  • Nikul Pandya (Research Associate)
  • Florian Piëch (Board of Directors)
  • Nilay Shah (Board of Directors)
  • Joseph Tainter (Advisory Board)
  • Hans van der Loo (President, Advisory Board)
  • Herman Wijffels (Advisory Board)

Financials and Funding

The Institute for International Economic Research is funded from private doanations, from private and public grants and - to a small extent - from revenue.where we provide our knowledge to interested third parties. IIER does not accept any funding directed at certain outcomes or for taking certain positions, we are also politically neutral. All our research results, except where inputs are protected by licenses or intellectual property rights, are entered into the public domain..

In 2016, IIER's overall budget was € 746'518 (US$ 788'810). of which 76.8% came from private donations, 16.8% from public and private grants and 6.5% from advisory service revenue. Of our expenses, 5.1% were related to fundraising, and 12.7% to administration. With that, 82.2% of our revenue directly went to project work. The detailed 2016 financial report will be available here shortly.


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