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about energy&stuff

Welcome to our website. energy&stuff is the first public outreach project of the Institute for Integrated Economic Research, a global non-profit organization working on establishing a better understanding of human economic systems - or how we like to put it, human ecosystems. We have no political or economic interest and will never accept funding from sources that try to influence what we do or say; our only interest is to provide knowledge that can help improve our societies.

energy&stuff - a website against hate and blame

After researching global economic systems for almost 10 years, trying to find out how our human world really ticks, we have decided to put all we know into one place. We imagine this site being used by scientists, teachers, journalists, policymakers, but first and foremost by anyone who is interested in knowing more about our world.

When looking at the increasing tensions in societies around the world, with everybody blaming everybody, we want as many people as possible to understand that today's lackluster economic growth isn't someone's fault, but instead something that's unavoidable no matter what we do.

Help us build an optimistic vision

When looking at our site, you will immediately see that we don't think  the economy can grow much further. What you will also find out is that this reality - which is still denied by too many people despite the evidence - doesn't say anything about how happy we can be. Humans don't need a new smartphone every year, a shiny car, or that fancy holiday trip. We need to accept that next year won't be bigger, and find our happiness elsewhere.

Spreading this knowledge in a non-alarmist and positive way is our goal, and you can help us: by sharing our site with your family and friends, by providing feedback using the buttons on the left side of this screen, and by supporting our project with a donation.


Thank you.

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